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Kaspersky Systems Management UK Edition [Commercial - Subscription Licence Renewal (1-Year) Level V (1000-1499) Per Nodes - Electronic *Incumbent Only* *Non-Returnable*] boxshot

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Kaspersky Systems Management UK Edition [Commercial - Subscription Licence Renewal (1-Year) Level V (1000-1499) Per Nodes - Electronic *Incumbent Only* *Non-Returnable*]

Published By: Kaspersky Lab UK

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Introducing Kaspersky Systems Management. This solution offers a broad set
of powerful IT productivity tools written into the same code and managed from
one console. The resulting platform provides the simplicity and automation you
want - and the security and control you need.

  • Patch and vulnerability management - Kaspersky Systems Management can automatically identify vulnerabilities and then distribute the necessary patches – to help maintain the stability and security of your systems.
  • Vulnerability scanning - your entire corporate network can be automatically scanned for vulnerabilities that result from unpatched applications and operating systems.
  • Vulnerability databases - Kaspersky Systems Management works with the Microsoft WSUS database and Kaspersky’s own database of vulnerabilities.
  • Prioritise patching - detailed reports can be generated – to identify which patches require immediate attention.
  • Synchronised updates - Kaspersky Systems Management can regularly synchronise data on available Microsoft updates and hotfixes and then distribute them across your network.
  • Downloading patches - for other applications, information about new patches is downloaded from Kaspersky’s servers. If an update is not included, the administrator can add it manually.
  • Asset management – hardware, software & licences - without total visibility of all of your hardware and software assets, your ability to manage and control your IT estate can be severely hampered.
  • Hardware inventory management - all devices on the network are automatically discovered and recorded in a hardware inventory.
  • Software inventory management - a software inventory details all software on your network – so administrators can control software usage or block unauthorised applications.
  • Licence planning - with information on purchased licences and expiry dates, the software inventory helps to enable centralised licence provisioning and the tracking of licence lifecycles.
  • Operating system (OS) deployment - Kaspersky Systems Management automates the creation and cloning of computer images – to save you time and help to optimise OS deployment.
  • Giving you control… and consistency - images are held in a special inventory – ready to be accessed during deployment.
  • Flexible and convenient - client workstation image deployment can be made with either PXE servers (Preboot eXecution Environment) – that have been previously used on the network – or using Kaspersky Systems Management’s own features.
  • Save time and effort on Windows 8 migration - in addition to your everyday Windows deployment tasks, Kaspersky Systems Management can help to simplify migration to Windows 8.
  • Application provisioning - Kaspersky Systems Management helps to optimise the distribution of application software – and the software deployment process is totally transparent to your users.
  • Flexible deployment of software - choose between deploying software at your command or scheduling it for after office hours.
  • Modify installation packages - for some installers, administrators can specify additional parameters in order to customise the software package that is installed.
  • Remote troubleshooting and deployment - with remote access to any computer on your network, Kaspersky Systems Management helps to ease the load on administrators and reduce network traffic.
  • Remote troubleshooting - by enabling secure, remote connections to any desktop or client computer, Kaspersky Systems Management helps you to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Optimise traffic on your network - when deploying new or updated software at a remote office, one local workstation can act as the update agent for the entire office – to enable remote deployment with less traffic on your network.
  • Network Admission Control (NAC) - when anyone brings a device to your site, Kaspersky Systems Management can protect against malware being introduced into your network.
  • Guest admission… you set the policy - devices are automatically discovered. Employees’ devices are checked for compliance with your security policy – and visitors’ devices can be denied access to your network.
  • Granting access to the Internet – not your corporate systems - a special, password-protected ‘Captive Portal’ can give visitors Internet access.

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