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Kaspersky Security for Collaboration UK Edition [Commercial - Subscription Licence Renewal (3-Years) Level Q (50-99) Per Users - Electronic *Incumbent Only* *Non-Returnable*] boxshot

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Kaspersky Security for Collaboration UK Edition [Commercial - Subscription Licence Renewal (3-Years) Level Q (50-99) Per Users - Electronic *Incumbent Only* *Non-Returnable*]

Published By: Kaspersky Lab UK

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Kaspersky Security for Collaboration uses Kaspersky’s latest antivirus engine to protect SharePoint platforms. Combining high detection rate, simplified management, detailed reporting and low cost of ownership, it can protect entire SharePoint farms – while its content/file filtering capabilities help prevent storage of inappropriate content.

If your business uses Microsoft SharePoint for collaboration and file storage, Kaspersky Security for Collaboration Server provides the latest in protection technologies.

When you need to collaborate... with confidence – Kaspersky Lab has the security solution that combines ease of management, high detection rate and low total cost of ownership (TCO).


Kaspersky’s latest antivirus engine ensures a high detection rate – to help keep your information and IT systems secure.

Wide-ranging protection

One solution can protect your entire SharePoint farm – including the front end, SQL server, applications, search, index and more.


Kaspersky Security for Collaboration has been designed to have very little impact on system performance.

Support for communication policies

Content filtering features prevent the storage of files that include inappropriate content.

Ease of management – saves time and reduces costs

Kaspersky Security for Collaboration includes features that cut the time required for administration:

  • intuitive interface and built-in help functionality simplify management tasks
  • protection for your entire server farm can be centrally managed, from a single console
  • no additional training required for your IT personnel.

Extensive reporting – improves control

Detailed reports about critical IT security issues help with incident investigation and give managers improved control over IT security status.

  • flexible reports provide an overview of key events and the status of your security * system reports can be sent by email, in HTML format

Dashboard – gives instant status check

A dashboard display provides real-time access to current product status, database version and licence status for all protected servers. Graphical representations of protection status are stored for one week.

Eliminate unnecessary storage – to reduce costs

Content filtering and file filtering help to enable security and document storage policies, while also reducing the storage of unnecessary files:

  • filtering can be performed on a file level
  • preset file type profiles (including music, video and executable files) allow rapid set up.

Efficient use of computing resources – helps minimise costs

Because Kaspersky Security for Collaboration has only minor impact on system performance, the vast majority of businesses are able to run this security solution without having to invest in hardware upgrades.

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