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Upsource [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance (1-Year)   (50) User Pack - Electronic Windows/Linux/Mac OSX] boxshot

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Upsource [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance (1-Year) (50) User Pack - Electronic Windows/Linux/Mac OSX]

Published By: JetBrains s.r.o

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New Features
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Browse your source code repositories, share, discuss and review code that you and your team create.

Upsource summarises recent changes in your repository, showing commit messages, authors, quick diffs, links to detailed diff views and associated code reviews. A commit graph helps visualize the history of commits, branches and merges in your repository.

Git, Mercurial, Subversion and Perforce are all supported.

Documents & Downloads

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New Features in PhpStorm 2016.3

Improvements to tools and frameworks and code quality analysis, as well as a new editing experience.

  • Support of Docker in Remote Interpreters.
  • PHPSpec support.
  • Auto-detection and configuration of PHPUnit, Behat and PHPSpec.
  • Semantec highlighting for variables and parameters.
  • Completion of overrideen methods and fields.
  • Improved support of PSR-O/PSR-4.
  • Support of class_alias.
  • Project-wide PHP 7 strict types.
  • New inspections for code style.
  • Improvement Runtime Error Prevention.
  • Ability to open multiple projects in one frame.
  • Changes to version control.
  • See type errors reported by Flow and use code completion results provided by Flow.
  • Enhanced TypeAcritp support.
  • Integration with Stylelint, a CSS linter - don't miss the errors in your stylesheets.
  • Database tools improvements - edit multiple similar cells at once, plus changes made in Table Editor are stored locally and submitted in bulk.

Other Improvements

  • Codeigniter Code Style.
  • Support of directories in PHP UML.
  • New setting to select variable name without ‘$’ on double click.
  • Support of list() and array of objects.
  • Improvements in anonymous classes support.
  • Code Style Settings for PHP 7 return types.
  • New extension point that allows to provide PHP files into projects.
  • Improvements in external libraries.

Other Features

  • Redesigned home page
  • Public user profiles
  • Omni-search
  • Revamped custom workflows
  • Smarter notifications
  • Reviewers graph
  • Annotated changes
  • IDE integration improvements
  • and more!

Other features

Instantly access all your projects

Explore and monitor all your VCS repositories from a central location, using a friendly UI. Upsource is great for most projects, old and new, as it can read from Git, Mercurial, Subversion and Perforce repositories.

Keep track of code changes

Navigate to specific revisions, inspect diffs inline or side-by-side. Track recent commits, branches and merges, or search the project history to learn who did what and when.

Use code insight in Java projects

In Java projects, enjoy code inspections when reading or reviewing code, search for usages, or navigate to symbol declarations, as if you were using IntelliJ IDEA.

Explore any revision of your code base

Enjoy quick read access to the current or any prior state of your project's code, without having to check out locally. Browse project structure, view syntax-highlighted files, search for code, files and text.

Discuss and review code

Discuss code and changes with teammates, create code reviews on revisions or entire branches, and keep the team up to date with important changes.
Share links to code

Use URLs to link to everything in code, including revisions, branches, code reviews, diffs, discussions, reports, search filters, files, or even selections in code.

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