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JIDE Enterprise Suite [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: JIDE Software, Inc.

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JIDE Enterprise Suite is software bundle consisting of:

  • JIDE Docking Framework - provides a very powerful yet easy-to-use dockable window solution as can be found in the Visual Studio .NET or Eclipse IDE. Dockable windows are proven to be the most effective solution to the problem of limited screen space and complex window layouts.
  • JIDE Action Framework - provides a sophisticated component called CommandBar for toolbars and a menu bar, to replace both the JToolBar and the JMenuBar (the default Swing implementations).
  • JIDE Components - is a single product contains several very useful products that are needed in almost all applications.
  • JIDE Grids - is a collection of all JTable related components.
  • JIDE Dialogs - provides a standard dialog template, several pre-built dialogs such as a wizard, options dialog, tip of the day dialog etc.

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