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Intel Video Pro Analyzer [2017 Academic - Renewal (Post-Expiry) (1-Year) (1) Floating Seat - Electronic Cross-Platform] boxshot

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Intel Video Pro Analyzer [2017 Academic - Renewal (Post-Expiry) (1-Year) (1) Floating Seat - Electronic Cross-Platform]

Published By: Intel

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Intel Video Pro Analyzer 2017 is a graphical coded video bitstream analysis tool, developed by codec professionals for codec professionals, that supports major next-generation coding standards. HEVC, VP9, AVC and MPEG-2 are essential elements for current and future video, streaming, content delivery, broadcast, and advertisements. With bandwidth a major cost to network streaming and infrastructure, Intel VPA helps video pros save time and costs.

Using Intel Pro Analyzer 2017, once a bitstream is loaded, the comprehensive suite of advanced video analysis software tools allows for visual inspection of the complete decoding process, statistics extraction, debug tools for encoder and decoder, and more. This data can be used as a visual reference when learning about HEVC/VP9 or when debugging a particular encoder or decoder.

Support is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X systems.
This tool suite is a member of the Intel Media Server Studio product family.
Intel VPA is written in C++.

Target next-generation video-compliant products such as HD video wireless display, mobile broadcast, mobile device playback, or web streaming solutions and applications, using Intel Video Pro Analyzer to develop, research, or enhance HEVC or VP9 video codecs.

•Inspect, debug, and improve encoders: quickly find bitstream and coding mode decision errors, and debug broken streams in developing high-quality encoders

•Analyse streams for HEVC, VP9, AVC and MPEG-2: conduct side-by-side comparisons, fix broken streams

•Innovate for UHD content: examine video authored with the next generation colour gamut for a truly superior viewing experience, with HDR Video/BT2020 (10-bit) support, which covers more than 75% of all visible colours

•Intuitive views of syntax element, splits, motion vectors, reference frames; use statistics extraction

•AVC and HEVC Error resilience and AVC error reporting

•AVC complete Main and High profiles support

•Multiple GUI enhancements

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