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Infragistics Windows Forms [Commercial - Renewal (Priority) (3-Years) (Corporate) (1) Licence - Electronic *Minimum of 10 Licences Unless Purchased as Additional* *Non-Returnable*] boxshot

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Infragistics Windows Forms [Commercial - Renewal (Priority) (3-Years) (Corporate) (1) Licence - Electronic *Minimum of 10 Licences Unless Purchased as Additional* *Non-Returnable*]

Published By: Infragistics

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New Features

With more than 100+ controls, Infragistics Windows Forms has features that cover every aspect of enterprise software development including Microsoft Office Style user interfaces, high performance charting, and full modern experiences with touch & gestures.

New in Infragistics Windows Forms 2015 Vol 2

New Controls

  • Carousel
  • Data Chart
  • Flat Data Source

Control Enhancements

  • Pivot Grid - featuring a new color scheme, compact view and user-resizable headers in row area
  • Parity with XAML DV Controls - featuring all the visualisations from other Infragistics controls, including: area series, bar series, column series, point series, spline series, spline area series, step area series, step line series, range area series, range spline area series, range column series, range bar series and waterfall series.
  • UltraToolbarsManager - featuring WPF support
  • Coded UI - tests support for VS2012

Localisation Support

  • Right-to-Left support across all relevant UI controls.

Key Features

Lead with speed and scalability

Pivot Tables have never been easier. With the new Windows Forms Pivot Grid, your customers can build sophisticated analytics and reporting functionality with ease. Using Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel is great and now with the Pivot Grid, you can provide that functionality in your applications.

Put a modern, touch UI on your apps

Take Advantage of Touch Today - Using the Infragistics Windows Forms controls, you can build Touch-supported applications today. And you don’t have to wait for Windows 8. With touch-capable monitors going down in price and support for Touch in Windows 7, you can start providing touch experiences to your customers now without having to add a single line of new code to your apps!

Office style, any style

The Experiences Your Customers Already Know - One of the best ways to reduce training time is to create applications that look like the apps your customers already know. With Infragistics building an application that looks like Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word is easy.

Enterprise class testing

Automated Testing - Gain better coverage and a higher quality product through test automation. With our testing tools, you can reduce the need for and cost of manual testing with an automated testing process that requires fewer personnel. Using these tools, you can effectively institute data-driven testing of the apps you build with our Windows Forms controls. Whether you are using HP’s Quick Test Professional for Windows Forms or IBM’s Rational Functional Tester for Windows Forms or HP’s Quick Test Professional for WPF or even CodedUI for Microsoft Test Manager you can lean on Infragistics' testing tools to automate your testing.

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