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Infragistics WPF [Commercial - Renewal (Priority) (2-Years) (Corporate) (1) Licence - Electronic *Minimum of 10 Licences Unless Purchased as Additional* *Non-Returnable*] boxshot

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Infragistics WPF [Commercial - Renewal (Priority) (2-Years) (Corporate) (1) Licence - Electronic *Minimum of 10 Licences Unless Purchased as Additional* *Non-Returnable*]

Published By: Infragistics

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New Features

xamBusyIndicator is a control that enables developers to report the progress of a long running, multi-threaded, process to their end-users. It shows a dialog on top of an area of a view in which an animation will play to give the end-user visual feedback on the progress of an operation, while locking out the underlying view elements with a slightly transparent overlay.

Whats new in Infragistics WPF 2015 Vol 2?

New Controls

  • xamSpreadSheet - now moved from CTP to RTM release
  • xamDiagram - now moved from CTP to RTM release
  • xamProperty Grid.

Control Enhancements

  • xamPivot Grid - introduces print support
  • xamDataGrid - new features include IsReadOnly property for fields, new TemplateField, support for creating editor specific field objects and customisable TabStop behavior for grid cells
  • Coded UI - achieve level 1 support for all WPF controls.


  • New ThemeManager/AppStylist - change the theme of a single control, or an entire application with a single line of code
  • xamColorPicker update featuring Onmouseover & Onclick options

Extra Goodies

  • Imaging Library for WinRT IGExcel Framework.

Lead with Speed and Scalability

When it comes to your Windows applications, performance matters. If you have massive amounts of data that requires lightning-fast processing, only the industry’s top-performing controls will do. No other WPF Data Grid or Data Visualization controls on the market can even compare to the power and performance level you get with the Infragistics WPF controls.

Blazing Fast Business & Financial Analytics

Over 50 Different Charts, Each One Faster than the Next. Render millions of data points within milliseconds with the world's fastest WPF Data Chart. Animate data over time using the innovative Motion Framework and glean further intelligence from gauges and bullet charts. Plot and interact with geospatial data using rich new features typically reserved for dedicated geospatial developers with Bing, CouldMade, OpenStreet, ESRI or even your own custom geospatial tile sources.

Put a Modern, Touch UI on Your Apps

Take Advantage of Touch Today - Using the Infragistics WPF controls, you can build Touch-supported applications today. And you don’t have to wait for Windows 8. With touch-capable monitors coming down in price and support for Touch in Windows 7, you can start providing touch experiences to your customers now without having to add a single line of new code to your apps!

Office Style, Any Style

The Experiences Your Customers Already Know - One of the best ways to reduce training time is to create applications that look like the apps your customers already know. With Infragistics building an application that looks like Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word is easy.

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