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SQL Secure [Commercial - Maintenance (Additional Years Agreement) (Prepaid) (1-Year) (10 Pack) (1) Licence - Electronic Windows]

Published By: Idera

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Idera SQL secure is a security analysis solution that identifies SQL Server security violations and ensures security policies are enforced. Find out who has access to what and identify each user¿s effective rights across all SQL Server objects. Alert on violations of your corporate policies, monitor changes made to security settings, and provide security audit reports as well as recommendations on how to improve your security model.

Documents & Downloads

» Idera SQL secure datasheet

Security analysis and reporting

  • Effective Rights Analysis - analysis of users¿ effective rights shows you how and where each right is granted, making it easy to pinpoint exactly what changes need to be made in order to close security holes.
  • SQL Server Files, Directories, and Registry Settings - browse and analyse all files, directories, and registry settings associated with SQL Server and determine ownership as well as explicit and inherited security rights.
  • Weak Password Detection - Analyses password health of SQL Server logins and reports on when passwords are weak or blank.
  • SQL Server Surface Area and Protocols - identifies services, ports, protocols, and API¿s that may allow SQL Server to be attacked by a malicious user. Enables you to understand and standardise which services you really need started or activated in your environment in order to reduce risk.
  • OS Security Analysis - assess the OS setup to identify issues that would compromise SQL Server security.
  • Powerful User Analysis - analyse membership to powerful server roles and groups such as administrators, system administrators, and security administrators so you can ensure this level of access is warranted.
  • Security Scorecard - lists potential security concerns on your SQL Servers such as cross-database chaining and gives you the ability to drill down to view the full details.
  • Detection of Unresolved Windows accounts - SQL secure shows you all logins on the target server, as well as any unresolved Windows accounts or groups.
  • Server Security Properties - show all security related properties for servers including: version and patch level, authentication mode, audit mode, proxy account, and cross-database chaining.
  • Comprehensive Security Model Version History and Baselining - the SQL secure Repository keeps a complete history of SQL Server security settings, providing the ability to designate a baseline to compare against future snapshots to detect changes. This also provides a valuable audit trail for forensic analysis.
  • Powerful Reporting - use built-in standard reports for security auditing and compliance; plus, produce custom reports or perform custom analysis via the data stored on the SQL secure repository. Data can also be exported to Excel.
  • Cross-server Reporting - provides the ability to show security state from a global view (e.g. all instances with guest accounts enabled).

Enterprise management features

  • Central Console for Analysis and Auditing - provides an easy-to-use single point of control to manage the creation of collection rules, view collection history, analyse user access rights, and more.
  • Configurable Data Collection - define exactly what SQL Server security information you want to gather and when. Gathers from SQL Server, OS, File System, Registry, and AD.
  • Central Repository of Security Information - all data collected by SQL secure is stored in a central repository for easy reporting and forensic analysis.

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