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SQL Diagnostic Manager [Commercial - Maintenance (Additional Years Agreement) (Prepaid) (1-Year) (5 Pack) (1) Licence - Electronic Windows] boxshot

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SQL Diagnostic Manager [Commercial - Maintenance (Additional Years Agreement) (Prepaid) (1-Year) (5 Pack) (1) Licence - Electronic Windows]

Published By: Idera

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SQL diagnostic manager is a powerful performance monitoring and diagnostics solution that proactively alerts administrators to health, performance, or availability problems within their SQL Server environment via a central console or mobile device. SQL diagnostic manager minimises costly server downtime by providing agent-less, real-time monitoring and customisable alerting for fast diagnosis and remediation of SQL Server performance and availability problems. SQL diagnostic manager also provides a ¿community¿ environment where, using Idera¿s IntelliFeed technology, DBAs form a community to collaborate to quickly resolve problems, perform maintenance, and capture best practices.

Powerful performance monitoring and diagnostics

  • Continuous monitoring and analysis: Provides continuous monitoring and real-time analysis of SQL Server and OS health and performance metrics across all SQL Servers enterprise-wide, including clustered configurations.
  • VMware performance monitoring: Easily monitor and view the performance of your VMware environment in order to get a complete view of the performance of your SQL Server databases.
  • Adaptive and automated alerting: Automatically identifies alert threshold recommendations based on historical performance data and automatically take corrective action.
  • History Browser: Quickly and easily diagnose historical SQL Server performance problems by selecting a historical point-in-time to view historical SQL Server and OS performance metrics.
  • Custom monitoring: Ability to add any SQL, Windows or DMV counter for total flexibility in monitoring and alerting.
  • Pinpoints session locking, blocking and deadlocks: Identify locks, deadlocks and blocked sessions and see the complete blocking chain for easy identification and resolution.
  • Query and wait stat monitoring: Identifies performance bottlenecks such as the worst performing queries along with what resource is causing the longest wait time, long-running queries, and most frequently run queries.
  • Monitor tempdb, replication and mirrored environments: Monitor and alert on performance issues affecting tempdb, mirrored database or replication environments.
  • Fragmentation statistics: Displays fragmentation statistics to help you identify indexes that may need attention.
  • Mobile management: View real-time and historical SQL Server performance data, view or kill sessions, start/stop jobs and run queries to resolve or diagnose issues.
  • Knowledge Base: Provides the ability to add custom environment-specific details to reduce problem resolution time, increase availability and increase internal awareness.

Enterprise management features

  • Enterprise-class scalability: Large numbers of servers can be monitored from a single console, providing an unprecedented level of visibility and control of the SQL Server environment.
  • Application security: Flexible customisation of server access and security permissions allow DBAs to have full access to one or more servers while other users such as Help Desk Operators are provided read-only access.
  • PowerShell Snapin: Quickly and easily script many of the SQL diagnostic manager management tasks using the PowerShell Snapin.
  • Central Data Repository: Stores all historical performance data in a central repository, enabling analysis of long-term trends, capacity planning and other strategic analysis.
  • Powerful reporting: Includes predefined reports highlighting key performance trends, along with an easy to use reporting interface for users to conduct customised historical performance trending, analysis, and forecast reporting.
  • Agent-less, low impact monitoring: Provides simple, secure data collection from a background service. No agents or components of any kind are installed on the monitored SQL Servers.

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