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SQL Defrag Manager [Commercial - Maintenance (Additional Years Agreement) (Prepaid) (1-Year) (10 Pack) (1) Licence - Electronic Windows] boxshot

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SQL Defrag Manager [Commercial - Maintenance (Additional Years Agreement) (Prepaid) (1-Year) (10 Pack) (1) Licence - Electronic Windows]

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SQL defrag manager is a unique SQL Server index defragmentation solution that automates the time-consuming process of finding fragmented indexes based on parameters that you define within a policy for the targeted database. It gives you the flexibility to run the defragmentation utility immediately or during off-peak hours, all through an easy-to-use graphical user interface. There are no manual scripts required. SQL defrag manager improves server performance by ensuring that indexes are defragmented, which helps SQL server applications run faster and frees DBAs to perform other tasks.

Powerful, automated defragmentation management

  • Flexible, customisable control of defragmentation: Defrag processes can be triggered by fragmentation percentage or scan density, and prioritised based on fragmentation level, scan density or index size. Additionally, defrag operations can be limited to the 'top x' worst indexes, or by a 'hard stop' time.
  • Policy-based management: Defragmentation policies can be applied at the server, database or index level to apply the same defragmentation management policy to multiple objects all at once. Changing the policy changes the defragmentation approach across all objects simultaneously.
  • Index Management: Index fill factors can be easily modified through the user interface to help reduce the frequency of index defragmentation operations.
  • Proactive system resource checking: Ascertains the utilisation of key system resources prior to executing the defrag utility. If the metric is at a customer defined threshold, the execution of the defrag operation will be delayed or prevented.
  • Email notification: Provides an early warning system to the database administrator. If the resource check detects that a user defined threshold has been exceeded prior to executing the utility, an email alert is sent to the DBA. When the defrag job is completed normally, the DBA is notified.
  • Detailed metrics: includes information such as fragmentation percentage, index and table size, free bytes, page density, defragmentation methods and post-run results, and time to execute.
  • Lightweight collection: Fragmentation details are intelligently collected based on customisable automation policies, keeping overhead on your monitored servers low.
  • Supports multiple levels of operations: Takes actions at the server level or at a more fine-grained level for tables and all attached indexes, specific indexes or indexed views. Additionally, remediation actions can be customised by index size.

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