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ComponentOne Studio WinForms [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Support (Standard) (1-Year) (1-4) Per Developer - Electronic Windows]

Published By: GrapeCity Inc.

£718.93 (Ex. VAT)

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New Features

ComponentOne Studio for Windows Forms provides a comprehensive suite of Windows Forms controls including data grids, charting tools and a reporting solution - in total over 60 controls. Amongst the highlights are the data grid controls to provide grouping, filtering, sorting and more, the charting control to visualise data with over 80 different chart types complete with powerful chart designer and the reporting controls to provide powerful reporting capabilities with 34 built in templates and a Report Designer. The suite of controls ships with multiple themes that can be applied to all the controls including a Windows 7 theme and a Microsoft Office 2010 theme.

New in ComponentOne Studio for WinForms 2015 v1

  • Reporting Enhancements - Reports for WinForms includes several enhancements

including an improved look and feel in the C1ReportDesigner application and in other UI components, improved Crystal Reports import, a non-paginated SSRS viewer (similar to Reports for WinRT) and C1Report scripting enhancements (better designer script editor and “global' script module per report).
  • New RangeSlider Control - The new RangeSlider control in Input for WinForms goes

beyond a basic slider control and provides two thumb elements instead of one, allowing end users to select data ranges at run time.
  • GanttView Enhancements - This release includes performance enhancements in

GanttView for WinForms and the ability to add or delete tasks conditionally.
  • Right-to-left Support in Tiles - Tiles for WinForms now includes RTL (right-to-left)

support to improve localization in your apps.
  • Cube Support - OLAP for WinForms now includes SASS Cube Support and asynchronous processing. At run time, users can build reports from cube data just like regular data sets.

New in ComponentOne Studio for WinForms 2014 v3

  • SSRS Report Support - Reports for WinForms now supports viewing SSRS Reports. In the 2014v3 release, the C1PrintPreview control includes components that allow developers to pass parameters, render and view SSRS Reports.
  • Input Enhancements - This release includes enhancements to Input for WinForms. These include more control over focus movement, length, input filtering, and button alignment, as well as Japanese mask symbols, validation messages, programmatic spinner movement, and Japanese date formats.
  • High Resolution Support - Ribbon for WinForms now includes support for screens with a high DPI/resolution.

  • Create Powerful Data Input Applications in Rapid Time - ComponentOne InputPanel for WinForms is the new paradigm to create and maintain data-entry forms. It is a panel that can be placed on a Windows Form to help developers create powerful data input applications. Developers define what input fields they would like to expose using any combination of the nineteen native data input controls provided or any third party .NET control. Or simply connect the InputPanel for WinForms to a data source, select the record set, and an input control for each field is automatically created for you.
  • Add Context-sensitive Help to Any Form - View Help files in WinForms applications with ComponentOne DynamicHelp for WinForms. The help topic can include hyperlinks, images, tables, and more to provide Help on individual controls. This type of Help system is available in applications such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, and ComponentOne Doc-To-Help.
  • Drag-and-Drop Scheduling - The powerful scheduling and calendar components included in ComponentOne Schedule for WinForms enable you to build fully functional Microsoft Outlook 2010-style scheduling applications quickly ¿ with virtually no code.
  • Boost End-user Productivity with True DBGrid - Display hierarchical data or filter and sort data by setting a single property at design time. With ComponentOne True DBGrid for WinForms, developing sophisticated database applications has never been easier.
  • Create High-performance Grids - The lightweight, flexible nature of ComponentOne FlexGrid for WinForms makes creating data applications in unbound mode quick and easy. Simply write code to fill the grid with data; there is no need to connect to a data source. FlexGrid for WinForms is so powerful it manages the data itself.
  • Access Data Faster Than Ever Before - Replace the standard ADO.NET technology with the innovative virtual mode technology supported in ComponentOne DataObjects for .NET, and experience increased performance when using large datasets.
  • Improve Data Validation with a Full Set of Input Components - Enhance the functionality and appearance of the standard input boxes with ComponentOne Input for WinForms. This rich set of components includes powerful masked editing capabilities, a rich formatting model, and localisation.
  • And much more

ComponentOne Standard Support

ComponentOne Standard Support is a one year subscription included in the purchase of the product and can be renewed once the year's subscription is up. Standard support provides:

  • Product updates - for the period of your subscription you will receive any updates for the products you hold licenses for
  • Email support - submit an incident through email
  • Online support - submit an incident through the Web and receive an email response
  • Knowledgebase access - provides access to key documents on all products
  • Forum access - provide comments and share knowledge in the ComponentOne forums
  • Email project for analysis

ComponentOne Platinum Support

ComponentOne Platinum Support is an optional purchase. Platinum support provides:

  • 24 hour FastTrack response (excludes weekends and US holidays) - submit issues to ComponentOne and ComponentOne will attempt to provide a resolution within 24 hours
  • Phone support - talk directly to ComponentOne to get your issues solved
  • Pre-release access to software - get access to ComponentOne beta software releases

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