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ComponentOne Studio WPF [Commercial - Renewal (Platinum) (1-Year) (After Expiration) (50-99) Per Developer - Electronic *For Expired Subscriptions* Windows]

Published By: GrapeCity Inc.

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New Features

ComponentOne Studio for WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) provides powerful, visually rich controls. Use the data grid control to allow users to effortlessly sort, group and filter data, the chart control to visualise your data with numerous chart types and themes, the scheduler control to provide powerful scheduling functionality, the report control for data reporting and exporting, and more. The controls are easy to style, support data binding to numerous sources and are customisable to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, Studio for WPF fully supports XBAP to deploy WPF applications with ComponentOne WPF controls through an internet browser.

New in ComponentOne Studio for WPF 2015 v1

  • New FlexSheet Control (Beta) - FlexSheet is a new spin on an old classic. Extending the C1FlexGrid control, C1FlexSheet provides more out-of-the-box Microsoft Excel functionality. Easily import spreadsheets, apply formulas, manipulate rows and perform cell styling. It’s the FlexGrid you know and love but with more features aimed at delivering a complete Excel-like experience.
  • Add Bar Codes to WPF Apps - Easily render and display barcodes and QR codes in your WPF applications with the new BarCode for WPF.
  • ShapeFile Support in Maps - Maps for WPF now allows you to provide custom map layers and custom shapes drawn on top of maps using ShapeFile formatted geographic files.
  • Improved OLAP for WPF Performance - OLAP for WPF performance has been enhanced with asynchronous data processing. When creating complex pivots or working with large data sets, the C1Olap controls work in the background, independent of the user interface thread, allowing applications to remain responsive.

New in ComponentOne Studio for WPF 2014 v3

  • Easy to use pivot grids and charts for instant data analysis - deliver in-depth business intelligence (BI) functionality with ComponentOne OLAP for WPF. Create pivot grids and charts that slice and dice your tabular and cube data to give you real-time information, insights, and results in seconds. The easy to use controls are modeled after Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables, so they’re powerful and familiar for all users.
  • Bounded maps - In this update you can more easily create maps with restricted bounds and zooming using the C1Maps control. For instance, show a map of the United States and prevent the user from navigating beyond these bounds. You can easily configure bounded maps by just setting a few properties on the control.
  • Progress indicator for better user experience - The new C1ProgressIndicator control gives you a more customisable way to visualise some indeterminate action. You can display a classic loading ring and provide a descriptive label to the user.

New in ComponentOne Studio for WPF 2014 v2

  • Radial Context Menu - Improve user experience and exploration by building a radial menu system with ComponentOne RadialMenu for WPF. Inspired by modern touch-first interfaces, the C1RadialMenu control gives you a unique and touch-friendly alternative to the traditional context menu. Build nested menus and get specialized menu items for colors and a radial dial for numbers. Improve usability with automatic selection capability.
  • Entity Framework 6.x and DbContext -

New in ComponentOne Studio for WPF 2014 v1

  • Chart Grouping & Aggregation - The chart now has built-in functionality that provides aggregating data along the x-axis. So now you can group your data by categories, dates or any other custom field on your business object and graph the results in the C1Chart control.
  • TreeView UI Virtualization - UI virtualization is a performance optimization technique that does not render container objects for items that are not visible. To enable this feature you simply set the IsVirtualizing property on the C1TreeView control.
  • UI Automation - UI Automation (UIA) enables accessibility applications, such as screen readers, and coded UI testing to examine user-interface elements. It also enables simulated user interaction from code. The included C1.WPF.Automation library is a set of Automation Peer classes for the ComponentOne WPF controls. Each AutomationPeer exposes a matching control class to the Microsoft automation framework so the control can be used in automated UI tests.

Promote Collaboration using XAML-based Controls
ComponentOne WPF controls are built with XAML to promote collaboration in your team and fit seamlessly into your Developer/Designer workflow.

Extend your deployment capabilities with XBAP support
The WPF components are fully compatable with the XBAP deployment capabilities of Windows Presentaion Foundation. The XBAP deployment allows publishing to the client¿s (supported) browser for a full featured application without an Windows installation.

Animate Your Data, Enhance Your User Experience
Studio for WPF components can give your application rich Data Visualisations with little effort. ComponentOne have capitalised on the capabilities of this new presenation layer framework to bring you the tools for enhancing your User Experience.

Take Reports from Basic & Brilliant
The quality of reports can make or break an application. Reports for WPF provides incredible capabilities with 3D Charts, dynamic controls, interactive components, and easy databinding. ComponentOne have also provided the capabilities of standard reports with print, preview and export utilities.

Add the Hottest Themes to Your Apps Including: Windows 7, Office 2010, OS-X and more
Many controls are dull by nature and we want your UI to match your elaborate code. All of ComponentOne's new components are packaged with new and improved Themes based on the latest trends in UI design.

ComponentOne Standard Support

ComponentOne Standard Support is a one year subscription included in the purchase of the product and can be renewed once the year's subscription is up. Standard support provides:

  • Product updates - for the period of your subscription you will receive any updates for the products you hold licenses for
  • Email support - submit an incident through email
  • Online support - submit an incident through the Web and receive an email response
  • Knowledgebase access - provides access to key documents on all products
  • Forum access - provide comments and share knowledge in the ComponentOne forums
  • Email project for analysis

ComponentOne Platinum Support

ComponentOne Platinum Support is an optional purchase. Platinum support provides:

  • 24 hour FastTrack response (excludes weekends and US holidays) - submit issues to ComponentOne and ComponentOne will attempt to provide a resolution within 24 hours
  • Phone support - talk directly to ComponentOne to get your issues solved
  • Pre-release access to software - get access to ComponentOne beta software releases

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