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ComponentOne Studio Enterprise [Commercial - Perpetual Licence Upgrade With Support (Platinum) (1-Year) (50-99) Per Developer - Electronic Windows]

Published By: GrapeCity Inc.

£960.72 (Ex. VAT)

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New Features

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise features hundreds of .NET controls to improve the user interface (UI) of your WinForms, Windows 8, WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight, iPhone, Compact Framework, Windows Phone and ActiveX applications. The rich set of components make it easy to retrieve, present and report on data and add navigation and scheduling capabilities to your application. Design time support makes it easier to setup and databind the controls and themes for Office and Windows give your applications a professional appearance. With ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, you can add advanced functionality to your applications whilst writing less code in less time.

What's Included

  • Studio for WinForms - 65+ .NET Windows Forms controls
  • Studio for WPF - 50+ WPF controls
  • Wijmo - 40+ controls for ASP.NET WebForms + MVC
  • Studio for Silverlight - 60+ Silverlight controls
  • Studio for WinRT XAML - a range of WinRT XAML controls for building Windows Store apps
  • Studio for Windows Phone - 20+ controls for Windows Phone 7 applications
  • Studio for ActiveX - suite of COM controls.

New in ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2015 v1

Key New Features:

  • New ASP.NET MVC edition which has a set of modern UI controls.
  • New lightweight controls ranging from data management to data visualization
  • New: FlexGrid: The grid for ASP.NET MVC is a brand new version of the FlexGrid control, more flexible and powerful than ever.
  • New: ListBox: The ListBox control displays a list of items and allows you to select items using your mouse and keyboard.
  • New: FlexChart & FlexPie : FlexChart is a SVG based chart with simple API but powerful data visualization features.
  • New: Radial Gauge: The RadialGauge control displays a circular scale with an indicator that represents a single value and optional ranges to represent reference values.
  • New: Linear Gauge: The LinearGauge control displays a linear scale with an indicator that represents a single value and optional ranges to represent reference values.
  • New: Bullet Graph: The BulletGraph control is a type of linear gauge designed specifically for use in dashboards.
  • New: Project Templates: Quickly configure your projects with ASP.NET MVC resources by integrating required ComppnentOne libraries and themes, resource registering, and license configurations.
  • New: Themes: Use CSS to style the MVC controls, with the ComponentOne MVC Edition we include more than dozen professionally designed themes.

New in ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2014 v3

Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo

  • New Maps Control - Visualise geographic data on a map with the all new Maps for ASP.NET Wijmo. Get smooth zooming, panning, and mapping between screen and geographic coordinates. You can display online maps from multiple sources and even superimpose your own custom elements onto maps. Available in Web Forms and MVC collections.
  • New TreeMap Control - Create visually appealing hierarchical data maps with TreeMap for ASP.NET Wijmo. The C1TreeMap control displays hierarchical data as a set of nested rectangles where the area of each rectangle is proportional to its value. For example, create charts to visualise economic data or to show space usage. With support for hierarchical data sources and easy navigation you can create unbound or data-bound TreeMaps with a variety of layouts. Available in Web Forms and MVC collections.
  • New QR Code Control - Easily display URLs, phone numbers, and other strings as QR codes with our new C1QRCode control. Automatically generate QR codes rather than manually coding them; simply add the control to your form and set a few properties. Available in the Web Forms collection.
  • New AngularJS Single Page Application Template - Easily create a web application with AngularJS with this a new AngularJS Single Page Application template for MVC. It comes pre-populated with the brand new Wijmo 5 JavaScript controls, Bootstrap support, and AngularJS support. Available in MVC tools.
  • GridView Enhancements - Hierarchical Data Grid Support (Web Forms) – GridView for ASP.NET Wijmo now supports and displays hierarchical data in the grid. Available in the Web Forms collections. Grid Scroll and Column Data Virtualisation (Web Forms and MVC) – The GridView control now supports column virtualisation with the ability to load big data sets without negatively impacting user experience. Only data in the viewable area is loaded to improve performance. Available in Web Forms and MVC collections.
  • TreeView Scroll Virtualisation - ComponentOne TreeView for ASP.NET Wijmo now supports virtualisation in Web Forms and MVC so that only the visible parts of the tree are loaded. Nodes are loaded on demand as users expand them at run time. This optimises performance and user experience. Available in Web Forms and MVC collections.
  • New Reference Samples - new fully functional reference applications implement real-world scenarios. These new samples include a hospital management application for both Web Forms and MVC and MVC versions of our AdventureWorks store and Product Dashboard applications.

Studio for WinForms

  • SSRS Report Support - Reports for WinForms now supports viewing SSRS Reports. In the 2014v3 release, the C1PrintPreview control includes components that allow developers to pass parameters, render and view SSRS Reports.
  • Input Enhancements - This release includes enhancements to Input for WinForms. These include more control over focus movement, length, input filtering, and button alignment, as well as Japanese mask symbols, validation messages, programmatic spinner movement, and Japanese date formats.
  • High Resolution Support - Ribbon for WinForms now includes support for screens with a high DPI/resolution.

Studio for WPF

  • Easy to use pivot grids and charts for instant data analysis - deliver in-depth business intelligence (BI) functionality with ComponentOne OLAP for WPF. Create pivot grids and charts that slice and dice your tabular and cube data to give you real-time information, insights, and results in seconds. The easy to use controls are modeled after Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables, so they’re powerful and familiar for all users.
  • Bounded maps - In this update you can more easily create maps with restricted bounds and zooming using the C1Maps control. For instance, show a map of the United States and prevent the user from navigating beyond these bounds. You can easily configure bounded maps by just setting a few properties on the control.
  • Progress indicator for better user experience - The new C1ProgressIndicator control gives you a more customisable way to visualise some indeterminate action. You can display a classic loading ring and provide a descriptive label to the user.

Studio for Silverlight

  • Bounded Maps - In this update you can more easily create maps with restricted bounds and zooming using the C1Maps control. For instance, show a map of the United States and prevent the user from navigating beyond these bounds. You can easily configure bounded maps by just setting a few properties on the control.
  • Switch views more easily in Scheduler - You can more easily switch among schedule views with the C1Scheduler control. Set a simple property to allow users to set week, month, or day views. Also this update now highlights the current time and day of the week.
  • Progress indicator for better user experience - The C1ProgressIndicator control now gives you a more customizable way to visualize indeterminate actions. You can display a classic loading ring and provide a descriptive label to the user at run time.

Studio for Windows Phone

  • Chart grouping and aggregation - features built-in functionality that provides aggregating data along the x-axis. So now you can group your data by categories, dates or any other custom field on your business object and graph the results in the C1Chart control.
  • Calendar data binding - You can now more easily bind a collection of special dates to be visualised on the C1Calendar control. The DataSource property is added as well as the BoldedDayTemplate to define the appearance.

Studio for WinRT XAML

  • Develop once and build universal apps - Leverage your XAML and C#/VB knowledge to build modern Windows apps. Studio for WinRT XAML controls support the same API as the other XAML studios so learning is easier. Develop once for all Windows devices using one set of controls.
  • SSRS viewer (beta) - Bring the power of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to your Windows apps with ComponentOne SSRS Viewer for WinRT XAML. This control is an easy way to embed SSRS reports directly into your application. Customise existing reports on the fly with support for parameters. Print and export reports to a variety of formats including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • WinRT Schedule control - Build your own scheduling apps with ComponentOne Scheduler for WinRT XAML. Schedule one-time, all day, or recurring appointments with reminders, labels, and availability status just like Microsoft Outlook and the Windows 8 Calendar app. With easy data binding, import and export, and gesture support, developing a complete scheduling app has never been easier!
  • Offline mapping - With the newly enhanced C1Maps control, take your GIS dashboards online and offline. The control adds data binding and vector graphics support to Bing maps, as well as support for importing/exporting geographic KML files. The latest version also supports offline maps for light-weight apps and on-the-go users.

Feature packed toolset

With controls for Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight, .NET Compact Framework, iPhone and ActiveX, there are literally hundreds of controls including grids, charts, reports, schedules, menus, toolbars, Ribbon, PDF and more.

Design time support

SmartTag supports allows for easy customisation of controls within Visual Studio and ComponentOne SmartDesigner provides a rich interactive design interface to build more complex applications.

Consistent application styling with professional themes

Improve the appearance of your application, giving it a polished and professional look with the new 2013 Microsoft Office system and Windows 8 themes. An entire application theme can be applied by setting one property value.

Database application development

UI components can be bound to data sources without writing code. Replace the traditional ADO.NET dataset with ComponentOne DataObjects, and increase your application's performance. Access, scroll, and browse millions of database records instantly.

Consistent object models to accelerate your development skills

The consistent object models and documentation eliminate the learning curve when developing across application platforms.

Integration with Composite UI Application Block (CAB)

With Composite UI Application Block (CAB) you can take advantage of the powerful Microsoft Windows desktop. Build complex user interfaces that are easily deployed and configured, provide a rich user experience, and are developed in a predictable and agile way.

ComponentOne Standard Support

ComponentOne Standard Support is a one year subscription included in the purchase of the product and can be renewed once the year's subscription is up. Standard support provides:

  • Product updates - for the period of your subscription you will receive any updates for the products you hold licenses for
  • Email support - submit an incident through email
  • Online support - submit an incident through the Web and receive an email response
  • Knowledgebase access - provides access to key documents on all products
  • Forum access - provide comments and share knowledge in the ComponentOne forums
  • Email project for analysis

ComponentOne Platinum Support

ComponentOne Platinum Support is an optional purchase. Platinum support provides:

  • 24 hour FastTrack response (excludes weekends and US holidays) - submit issues to ComponentOne and ComponentOne will attempt to provide a resolution within 24 hours
  • Phone support - talk directly to ComponentOne to get your issues solved
  • Pre-release access to software - get access to ComponentOne beta software releases

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