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ComponentOne Studio ActiveX [Commercial - Renewal (Standard) (1-Year) (After Expiration) (5-9) Per Developer - Electronic *For Expired Subscriptions* Windows]

Published By: GrapeCity Inc.

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New Features

ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX includes a full suite of products including controls such as True DBGrid and VSFlexGrid. Not only will you have access to the two most popular grid components, but a wide variety of some of the most popular and accomplished ActiveX reporting, charting and user interface components for developing enterprise-style Windows applications.

New in 2011 V1

  • 64-bit version of C1Query now available.

New in 2010 V1

  • 64-bit support! ActiveX based applications running on 64-bit systems benefit from enhanced performance because more memory is available thereby improving performance when handling larger data sets. The following controls support 64-bit: Chart 2D 8.0, Chart 3D 8.0, VSFlexGrid 8.0, VSPrinter 8.0, VSDraw 8.0, VSPDF 8.0 and VSViewPort 8.0.

Includes the following components

True DBGrid Pro 8.0
True DBGrid Pro 8.0 is a data-aware ActiveX grid control for Microsoft Visual Studio allowing end users to browse, edit, add, and delete data in a tabular format. True DBGrid Pro 8.0 includes dozens of advanced data access, data presentation, and user interface features that enable developers to build intuitive, professional-looking applications.

VSFlexGrid Pro 8.0
ComponentOne VSFlexGrid Pro 8.0 makes customising the display and presentation of dynamic data for Windows, Internet, or Intranet applications is now easier than ever. Customise the display and presentation of dynamic data in your projects with a host of new ways to display, edit, format, organise, summarise, and print tabular data.

VSVIEW 8.0 Classic
ComponentOne VSVIEW 8.0 Classic gives you the power to quickly and easily view, format, export, and print your documents within Visual Studio. VSView 8.0 Classic consists of 4 custom controls.

VSVIEW 8.0 Reporting
ComponentOne VSVIEW Reporting allows you to quickly and easily create Microsoft Access-style database reports for your Visual Basic, VC++, and C++Builder applications, plus preview, print, and export those reports on your computer or over the Web.

Chart 8.0
ComponentOne Chart 8.0 is the most powerful charting control available to create stunning, blazingly fast charts and graphs. Easily create 2D and 3D charts in minutes and distribute them royalty-free. Choose from a wide variety of chart types, and get all the robust, time-saving, easy-to-use features you expect, such as data binding to any data source, often without writing a line of code; built-in zooming, scaling, and rotating; and intelligent update for fast, real-time charting and tracking. We also include more than 60 demos with source code and 30 sample code files.

ComponentOne Query 8.0 is an ActiveX control an end-user-oriented run-time query builder. Query enables developers to easily build applications with end-user ad hoc query functionality. It supports a wide variety of features making it powerful and at the same time extremely flexible, customisable in each and every aspect, so developers can provide their users with any imaginable visual interface, according to their needs. Now you can quickly and easily include ad hoc query functionality in your applications and make it directly available to end-users.

WebChart 8.0
ComponentOne WebChart 8.0 gives you the freedom to easily create dazzling, lightning fast charts for Active Server Page (ASP) applications. ComponentOne WebChart 8.0 has built-in ComponentOne Chart 8.0 technology so you can create the sophisticated charts and graphs that ComponentOne Chart 8.0 is known for. Then you can serve those charts as JPEG or PNG to any browser. Or serve them as an ActiveX control to allow your end-users to change chart types and data values for interactive applications.

True DataControl 8.0
True DataControl 8.0 is an ActiveX control that replaces the VB data control with scores of added features to free you from the hours of coding formerly needed to build intuitive database front-end applications. True DataControl 8.0 can be used with Visual Basic 6.0, Internet Explorer 4 and 5, Visual C++® 6.0, and in any Microsoft development environment that can bind to an ADO/OLE DB data source.

True DBInput Pro 8.0
True DBInput Pro streamlines the process of building enterprise-wide database applications. You save valuable coding time and your end users get the functionality they need using TrueDBInput Pro's eight cutting-edge controls.

True DBList Pro 8.0
ComponentOne True DBList Pro 8.0 is a customisable set of data-aware ActiveX list and combo controls that includes True DBList, a multicolumn list box, and True DBCombo, a multicolumn combo box. Patterned after the DBList and DBCombo controls included in Visual Studio, ComponentOne True DBList Pro 8.0 adds dozens of data presentation and user interface features for unbeatable power and flexibility.

SizerOne 8.0
ComponentOne SizerOne 8.0 is a four-in-one component tool that includes two resizing controls to easily handle both simple and complex sizing; a tabbing control to quickly create notebook-style and Outlook-style tabs; and a parsing control to automatically slice and dice strings.

Consisting of two controls, VSSpell and VSThesaurus, ComponentOne VSSPELL 8.0 can add complete spell-checking and thesaurus functionality to any of your VB applications. ComponentOne VSSPELL 8.0 includes add-on British English, Spanish, and Dutch dictionaries. Lightweight and easy to distribute with no external dependencies, ComponentOne VSSPELL 8.0 is a must-have for just about every application.

ComponentOne Standard Support

ComponentOne Standard Support is a one year subscription included in the purchase of the product and can be renewed once the year's subscription is up. Standard support provides:

  • Product updates - for the period of your subscription you will receive any updates for the products you hold licenses for
  • Email support - submit an incident through email
  • Online support - submit an incident through the Web and receive an email response
  • Knowledgebase access - provides access to key documents on all products
  • Forum access - provide comments and share knowledge in the ComponentOne forums
  • Email project for analysis

ComponentOne Platinum Support

ComponentOne Platinum Support is an optional purchase. Platinum support provides:

  • 24 hour FastTrack response (excludes weekends and US holidays) - submit issues to ComponentOne and ComponentOne will attempt to provide a resolution within 24 hours
  • Phone support - talk directly to ComponentOne to get your issues solved
  • Pre-release access to software - get access to ComponentOne beta software releases

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