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FlexNet Connect [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Flexera Software Ltd.

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FlexNet Connect enables you to automate your business processes by lowering your operational cost and increase customer satisfaction. FlexNet Connect keeps you connected to your installed base by electronically delivering software updates, patches, data and messages directly to your end-users' systems without IT involvement.

Do you know what products, versions and features your customers value in your products? Do you handle lots of support calls related to out-dated versions of your products? Do your products require frequent or critical updates? Are you supporting customers that are not current on maintenance? Are you missing out on up-sell, cross-sell and renewal opportunities?

If any of this applies to your company or products, FlexNet Connect® can help. FlexNet Connect enables you to gain insights into what your installed base is using and values in your products. This will help you drive smarter product decisions and up-sell and cross-sell campaigns.

FlexNet Connect also delivers software updates and patches, data and marketing messages, such as reminders for expiring maintenance, directly to your end-users' systems. The users of your software products expect to stay connected to you after initial installation. They expect easy access to your latest software updates and to be notified of important announcements.

FlexNet Connect gives you the power to keep your users updated and informed ¿ regardless of which operating system they use. This electronic software update solution also provides data on how they use your software, which is invaluable to strategic product development and marketing.

Available either as an on-premises application or as a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), this solution keeps your support costs down and your customers happy. FlexNet Connect is a key component of FlexNet Producer Suite, and is offered as a hosted service or as an on-premises solution. It has a distribution of over 100 million end-points spanning over 2000 products and 200 customers, and has been serving the market for over 8 years.

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