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AdminStudio Standard Edition [Commercial - Renewal (Maintenance - Gold) (2-Years) (1) User - Electronic *UK ONLY* *Non-Returnable*]

Published By: Flexera Software Ltd.

£1,731.31 (Ex. VAT)

Our Part #: 1242799 | Availability:  delivered via Email | Media: Electronic


AdminStudio 2016 is a software repackager that can create MSI or virtual packages. With AdminStudio you get improved application reliability, reduced packaging time and easier migration to Windows 7 and Windows 8. AdminStudio is the only virtual packaging solution that supports multiple virtualisation technologies - Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp & Citrix XenApp. Packages can be fully tested by a variety of included tools to ensure package integrity and integration with software deployment tools, including System Center Configuration Manager, ZENworks and LANDesk Management Suite, help to simplify deployment.

Available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions, AdminStudio SCCM packaging software automates application preparation to fix and package enterprise applications for leading software deployment tools. Purchase the AdminStudio Virtualization, AdminStudio Inventory and Rationalization, AdminStudio Application Compatibility, and/or AdminStudio Mac and Mobile options to add more advanced capabilities.

AdminStudio 2016 Key Product Features by Edition

AdminStudio Standard Edition

  • Repackage Applications for Windows Installer
  • Create Transforms to Customize Windows Installer Packages
  • App Portal Limited Edition (5 applications)

Optional: Application Virtualisation

  • Virtualize Applications for Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp and Symantec Workspace Virtualization
  • Directly Edit Microsoft App-V Packages

AdminStudio Professional Edition

All of the features of Standard, along with:

  • Centrally Manage Applications
  • Provision Virtual Machines for Repackaging and Testing
  • Insight into EXE installers
  • Test Applications for Quality, Conflicts and Best Practices
  • Publish Approved Apps to the App Store and Systems Management tools
  • Manage System Center Configuration Manager Application Metadata
  • InstallShield 2015 Professional - AdminStudio Edition

Optional: Application Virtualisation Pack
All of the features of Standard with Application Virtualisation along with:

  • Application Virtualization Suitability Testing
  • Test EXE installers for Virtualization Suitability
  • Quality, Conflict and Best Practice Testing of Virtual Applications
  • Define Microsoft App-V Virtual Environments
  • Prepare App-V Applications for Faster Delivery
  • Upgrade App-V 4.x Virtual Applications to App-V 5.1

Optional: Application Compatibility Pack

  • Windows 10 Compatibility Testing and Remediation
  • Test EXE Installers for OS Compatibility

Optional: Mobile Pack

  • Test EXE Installers for OS Compatibility
  • Configure and Prepare Mac Applications for Deployment
  • Test Mac Apps for OS X Compatibility to Ensure They Work as Expected
  • Import App Store Links as Part of a Consistent and Predictable Process
  • Publish Prepared and Approved Mac Applications
  • Test Mobile Apps for OS Compatibility, iOS, Android and Windows 10 Universal Apps

AdminStudio Enterprise Edition

All of the features of Professional, but includes InstallShield 2013 Premier Edition along with:

  • Test Impact of Windows Security Patches
  • Detailed Application Reports and Dashboards
  • Seamless Integration to Manage the Entire Asset Lifecycle
  • Automate Packaging Tasks with PowerShell APIs

Optional: Application Virtualisation Pack
All of the features of Professional with Application Virtualisation along with:

  • Automate Virtualization Testing and Conversions with PowerShell APIs

Optional: Application Compatibility
All of the features of Professional with Application Compatibility along with:

  • Test Web Apps for compatibility with Windows Server and Microsoft Azure
  • Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Compatibility Testing
  • Automatically Detect and Remediate Windows Server Compatibility Issues
  • Compatibility Tests for Windows Server and Microsoft Azure
  • Detailed Application Portfolio Compatibility Reporting
  • Automate OS Compatibility Testing with PowerShell APIs

Optional: Mac & Mobile
All of the features of Professional with Mac & Mobile along with:

  • Test Mobile Apps for Device Compatibility
  • Identify Risky Apps with Mobile Application Reputation Scanning
  • Dashboard and Reporting
  • Automate Mac and Mobile Testing with PowerShell APIs

Maintenance Plans


  • Automatic notification of and access to all product updates (free) and upgrades (chargeable for non-maintenance-plan-holders) for maintenance period.
  • Unlimited Web-based requests using eService.
  • Unlimited telephone support requests.
  • 24 x 7 access to Knowledge Base.
  • 24 x 7 access to product Web Communities.
  • Sample Code, Sample Projects, and White Papers.
  • Technical Webinars / Online Product Demonstrations.
  • A Maintenance Plan Card detailing all benefits and plan specifics.


In addition to all the above, gold includes:

  • Access to priority support channels for quickest service
  • Priority involvement in Beta Programmes.

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