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FrameScript [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Finite Matters Ltd

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FrameScript is a high level, user-oriented, scripting (or macro) language designed to extend the functionality of FrameMaker. There are so many uses for FrameScript, we can't list them all so here's a brief overview of how our customers utilize FrameScript to enhance their FrameMaker publishing tasks.

  • Automate PDF conversion
  • Aid in the conversion to HTML using Web Works
  • Reformat multiple files, remove unused master pages, and set script to zoom 100%
  • Process FrameMaker files from our clients ready for translation
  • Automate book pagination/printing
  • Convert from one frame template to another
  • Convert flat file data to FrameMaker tables
  • Import PowerPoint slides and notes into a frame template
  • Automate conversion of Frame files to different formats
  • Automate document production for web, print, on-line delivery
  • Speed up formatting and processing of FrameMaker files created from a single-source application.
  • Convert old FrameMaker tags to new tag names
  • Edit a book with lots of tables and figures and standardize repetitive tasks
  • Automate tasks such as book assembly and Interleaf-to-FrameMaker conversions
  • Desktop publishing tasks to include importing templates, checking for missing fonts, adding automatic page breaks, removing overrides, etc.

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