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ESET Endpoint Security [Commercial - Subscription Licence Renewal (2-Years)   (5-10) Per Seat - Electronic Windows] boxshot

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ESET Endpoint Security [Commercial - Subscription Licence Renewal (2-Years) (5-10) Per Seat - Electronic Windows]

Published By: ESET

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Our Part #: 1177487 | Availability:  delivered via Email | Media: Electronic


ESET Endpoint Security integrates ESET Endpoint Antivirus's robust virus and spyware scanning engine, with a bi-directional firewall to stop hacker attacks. The integrated spam filters also reduce the risk of social-engineering and phishing attacks via email, reducing your cybercrime attack surface. Enjoy streamlined management capabilities with ESET Remote Administrator that makes for fast and easy deployment and monitoring of ESET Endpoint Security across your network - all from a single console.

Endpoint Protection

  • Antivirus/Antispyware - eliminates all types of threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware
  • Auto-scan of removable media - scan devices and media for malware immediately upon insertion
  • Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) - provides tampering protection for system registry, processes, applications and files
  • Client Antispam - filters out spam on the user's endpoint device
  • Cross platform Protection - detects and eliminates malware targeting Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems
  • ESET SysRescue - create an automatically bootable OS image to help clean deeply infected endpoints.

Data Access Control

  • Two-way Firewall - helps prevent unauthorised access to a company network
  • Device Control - blocks unauthorised media and devices from the system
  • Trusted Network Detection - provides stricter protection when clients connect to new/unauthorised networks.

Employee Effectiveness

  • Web Control - limits website access by category
  • Low System Demands - delivers proven protection with a small footprint
  • Presentation Mode - blocks pop-up messages and postpones security tasks when in full-screen mode
  • Component-based Installation - install any, or all of the following: firewall, antispam, web control, device control, Microsoft NAP support and web access protection.

Administrator Effectiveness

  • Centralised Management - lets you manage all ESET security solutions software from a central management tool
  • Role-based Management - assigns different privileges to different ESET Remote Administrator users
  • Dynamic Client Groups - create static and dynamic client groups using different parameters for populating the groups
  • Event Notifications - specify log and report parameters or choose from more than 50 templates available for different system/client events
  • Remote Installation - performs remote installation of ESET software to multiple endpoints at once
  • Export/Import Policies - enables you to import/export/edit policies in XML
  • Remote Module Switch - remotely activates or deactivates protection modules installed on a given client.


  • Real-time Web Dashboard - ensures complete oversight of the company network and lets you check the security status from anywhere
  • Multiple Log Formats - save logs in common formats - CSV, plain text, Windows event log - readable by SIEM tools
  • Device Control Reports - Device Control Reports deliver comprehensive logs and reports for all device-related events
  • RSA enVision Support - integrates with the RSA enVision SIEM tool via a plug-in
  • ESET Sysinspector - performs in-depth analysis of endpoint systems to identify possible security risks.

Update Management

  • Randomised Task Execution - enables you to set random time periods for executing scheduled security tasks
  • Update Rollback - revert to a previous version of protection modules and virus signature database
  • Postponed Updates - download from 3 specialised update servers: pre-release (beta users), regular release (regular users) and postponed release (approx. 12 hours after regular release)
  • Local Update Server - saves company bandwidth by downloading updates only once to a local mirror server
  • Faster Database Access - provides an optimised and streamlined database access to endpoint security-related data
  • Database Cleanup - allows you to set database storage attributes such as time period and threshold values for entries to be kept in database
  • Microsoft NAP Support - deploys server side System Health Validator (SHV) plug-in and client side System Health Agent (SHA).

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