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Enterprise Single Sign-On [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance (1-Year)  (1000-2499) Per Managed Person - Boxed Direct *Non-Returnable*] boxshot

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Enterprise Single Sign-On [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance (1-Year) (1000-2499) Per Managed Person - Boxed Direct *Non-Returnable*]

Published By: Quest Software International

£35.84 (Ex. VAT, free UK mainland delivery)

Our Part #: 953500 | Availability: Usually delivered within 5 working days | Media: Boxed Direct

Please note the following product purchase requirements:
The Audit & Advanced Security Option is now included as part of the QESSO base; Min initial purchase requirement is 100 managed seats; For Security Module Smart Card/Reader deals, all user licenses priced on the total QTY tier; *Professional Services Required*

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Implementing security policy often involves a compromise between achieving the desired level of security and controlling costs while improving efficiency. A consequence of today¿s increasingly decentralized IT environments is the proliferation of passwords and the complication they present to end users. Organizations are constantly seeking to reduce this complexity, while improving security and operational efficiency.

Single sign-on is often viewed as the answer to these complex challenges. Unfortunately most single sign-on solutions are either limited in scope, require costly and cumbersome additional infrastructure, or demand on-going maintenance that exceeds the burden they are supposed to relieve¿until now.

Introducing Enterprise Single Sign-on from Quest Software, the industry¿s leading enterprise single sign-on solution that bases all logins on the a user¿s existing Active Directory identity, requires no cumbersome infrastructure, and streamlines both end-user management and enterprise-wide administration of single sign-on.

Quest Enterprise Single Sign-on allows you to:

Base enterprise-wide single sign-on on Active Directory
Enforce security and access policy across the enterprise
Implement a single point of strong authentication for all resources
Improve IT and end user efficiency

Achieve Compliance

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