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ChangeBase Professional Plus [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance (1-Year) Per Desktop - Boxed Direct *Non-Returnable*]

Published By: Quest Software International

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Please note the following product purchase requirements:
Business critical support is mandatory. ChangeBASE Professional and ChangeBASE Professional Plus are PSO required for 3 days. ChangeBASE Browser is PSO required for 5 days. ChangeBASE Ultimate—which includes both ChangeBASE Professional and ChangeBASE Browser—is PSO required for a total of 8 days. In addition, Computer Based Training (product code CPT-CHG-PP) for at least one person is mandatory for ALL ChangeBASE software sales.

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With Quest Workspace ChangeBASE, you can practically eliminate application migration risk with the fastest possible compatibility assessments across your desktop, server, virtual and web application estate. It allows you to automate application testing and remediation, application packaging, as well as application virtualisation conversion to accelerate readiness. Rely on ChangeBASE to find and fix compatibility issues in minutes, and then provide you with a wide range of reports - from high-level overviews to technical details. Get your applications up and running quickly with minimal manual effort, while reducing the time and risk of ongoing management.


Quest Workspace ChangeBASE singularly automates compatibility testing across multiple platforms and technologies in a single assessment exercise. There is no need to install applications to test. ChangeBASE automatically imports any application file format, converts it to a standardised Windows Installer format (MSI), then does a comprehensive assessment. ChangeBASE also assesses an organisation¿s diverse mix of technologies, so enterprise architects can evaluate the best way forward for the organisation.

  • Microsoft Office Dependency Assessment - ChangeBASE helps prepare for Microsoft Office migrations by identifying Office - dependent applications that may fail after the migration.
  • Application Virtualisation Assessment - ChangeBASE offers the widest breadth of application virtualisation assessment. It accelerates the adoption of virtual application solutions by allowing you to compare compatibility ratings to see which ones are the best fit for the organisation.
  • Virtual Desktop and RDS Assessment - ChangeBASE assesses compatibility for virtual, server hosted and fat clients in one pass.
  • Browser Assessment - ChangeBASE detects potential web application compatibility issues when deploying Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 and 9 by checking web application files and pages that a user might visit.
  • Auto - fix Remediation issues - ChangeBASE resolves application compatibility issues predeployment with minimal manual effort. It can apply auto - fixes on a bulk list of applications, accelerating application delivery and shortening migration time.

On-going Application Readiness

  • Monthly Windows Patch Readiness - ChangeBASE integrates the latest Windows updates and patches through periodic automated evaluations, strengthening security and reducing deployment times.
  • Automated application packaging - ChangeBASE builds automation into standard processes, significantly improving application packaging/virtualisation delivery times. ChangeBASE also tests for in house and packaging (MSI) standards issues, and applies automated fixes to ensure compliance. It develops and customises QA checks and related remedies for significant time and cost savings. ChangeBASE converts all application formats into standardised Windows Installer packages (MSI), and edits to create production ready MSIs using MSI Studio.
  • Automated application virtualisation package creation - ChangeBASE automatically virtualises applications into the virtual application format of your choice, saving time, reducing errors and helping to meet deadlines faster than manual conversions. Using bulk conversions mean much of the work is done without user intervention.


ChangeBASE¿s Application Readiness Dashboards leverage online dashboards that present graphs, charts, calculators, project status and next - step wizards.

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