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SharePointBoost SharePoint Add-ons [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: BoostSolutions Co., Ltd

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SharePoint Add-ons improve pre-existing SharePoint features, taking what SharePoint does well and making it even better. SharePointBoost SharePoint Add-ons include:

  • SharePoint AD Information Sync 2.0 - SharePoint AD Information Sync allows administrators to synchronise user account/computer profile information from Active Directory to a SharePoint list. Administrators can opt to schedule synchronisation between AD and SharePoint on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, or manually sync only after changes are made in AD.
  • SharePoint Batch Check In - Bypass manually uploading and checking in each file individually with this useful SharePoint bulk check in tool that allows you check in a group of checked-out files all at one time, and upload & simultaneously check in multiple new documents.
  • SharePoint Form Validation - Do form validation when you create or edit a list item in a form. Provide standard validation methods like Require, Compare, Range, Regular Expression etc.
  • SharePoint Item Permission Batch - Item Permission Batch allows SharePoint administrators to assign item-level permissions to users and user groups for all items in a SharePoint list as well as quickly remove all custom permission settings within a specific list and restore defaults for specified users or user-groups in bulk.
  • SharePoint List Item Ranking - The SharePoint List Item Ranking incredibly simplifies the process of reordering the rank of list items by allowing for manual rearrangement in all types of SharePoint lists.
  • SharePoint List Sync - Manage and share your SharePoint lists among collaborators and sync in real-time as changes and modifications from your target team is constantly updated; modifications from target may be synced back to source list with Reverse Sync. Lists and tasks from source are easily delegated by syncing user-specified target columns. Moreover, sync only items that match preset conditions.
  • SharePoint Lookup Boost - In an overview page to list all information related to an item, not only items from which this item looks up, but also all items which look up information from this item.
  • SharePoint Outlook Integration - SharePoint Outlook Integration effortlessly integrates emails and attachments in Outlook with SharePoint lists and libraries, thereby facilitating the transfer of crucial business information from personal mailboxes to a centrally managed and secure repository.

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