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BlueBeam Q [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance (1-Year) (1) Server - Electronic Windows] boxshot

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BlueBeam Q [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance (1-Year) (1) Server - Electronic Windows]

Published By: BlueBeam Software, Inc.

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BlueBeam Q provides a centrally managed environment for automating the production of PDFs from original source files. BlueBeam Q is installed on a server and powers PDF processing and publishing through 4 different options: Network PDF Printer, Watched Folders, Script Engine and API.

The Network PDF Printer

Give end users an easy way to convert files to PDF by printing to a local PDF printer driver that communicates with the server.

Watched Folders

Publish new or updated files based on the schedule you specify. Every watched folder can be configured to use different conversion settings for optimal processing.

Bluebeam Q API

Seamlessly integrate Bluebeam technology into document management systems to automate the publishing and processing of PDFs.

The script engine

Automate workflows by using the built-in Script Editor to quickly engage over 50 script commands. Combine scripting with watched folders to seamlessly automate PDF processes.

Automated PDF conversion

Create PDFs in an automated fashion from Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and other Windows files.

  • Create PDFs in an automated fashion from Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), CAD (SolidWorks and AutoCAD) and other Windows files
  • Create automated workflows by integrating PDF publishing and processing using the Script Engine or API
  • Give all end users a simple way to create PDF files with the lightweight Network PDF Printer (print client)
  • Unlimited users can access Q, resulting in tremendous cost savings for your company
  • Native application is installed on the server so end users can easily convert files to PDF without extra software installed locally
  • Centrally managed license for simple installation and maintenance
  • Centralise source file to PDF conversion by configuring any number of Watched Folders
  • Monitor users' PDF creation metrics with the web-based Reporting Tool.

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