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Blancco 5

Blancco [v5.x Commercial - Subscription Licence (3-Years)   (500-749) Per Licence - Electronic Windows] boxshot

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Blancco [v5.x Commercial - Subscription Licence (3-Years) (500-749) Per Licence - Electronic Windows]

Published By: Blancco UK

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Designed to complement the most complex and security-driven customer requirements, Blancco 5 is a flexible yet robust solution with the very latest hardware support. With cutting-edge SSD erasure capabilities, our solution for desktops and laptops and servers and storage environments, provides total peace of mind with fully comprehensive post-erasure reports.

Revolutionary SSD Erasure Method
Take advantage of the first solution on the market that successfully performs SSD erasure. Verified through independent testing, our technology automates the removal of freeze locks to access an SSD’s complex security features and carry out full erasure of the drive.

Local and Remote Erasure
Simultaneously erase multiple drives with Blancco 5 whether connected locally or via remote MSI package communication. Fully automate or maintain control of the erasure process manually with our deployment solutions ensuring maximum flexibility for every customer requirement.

Maximizes IT Security Compliance
The pressure on organizations to build and maintain robust IT security policies and safeguard their sensitive data is ever-increasing. Be part of the companies and individuals who recognize their responsibility to use our tamper-proof solution to guarantee 100% secure erasure and form a complete audit trail.

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