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tVolution Mini [Commercial - Subscription Licence (3-Years) (101-500) Per User - Electronic Windows]

Published By: Becrypt Ltd

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tVolution is a locked down, customisable Linux operating system that is easy to deploy on desktops, laptops, netbooks or thin client devices. It provides built-in security (encryption, firewall, application and peripheral control) removing the need for additional 3rd party security packages and significantly reducing management costs. tVolution can either be used as a traditional thin client solution on corporate premises, or deployed for staff to work remotely with a secure connection to a VPN.

Positive end user experience

Designed with the end-user in mind, tVolution provides a clean, customisable user interface that contains only the business applications required by the customer. By providing a simple yet familiar interface, users can easily access the required backend systems with little or no training, smoothing the transition from the traditional desktop to a VDI estate.

Hardware agnostic

Unlike alternative products, tVolution is hardware independent and can be deployed on either new thin client devices or allowing for the efficient re-use of existing assets (desktops and laptops), by replacing the end-point operating system.

Deployment options

tVolution is normally embedded on end-point devices in a typical thin client format. Alternatively, if bandwidth permits, a fresh image can be streamed via the network (zero client format) on a daily basis, simplifying on-going IT support requirements. Both arrangements are centrally managed by Becrypt's Enterprise Manager, allowing Zero Touch deployment and patching capabilities across large estates.

Remote Access Solution (RAS)

When tVolution is embedded onto a device (laptop), it can be configured for secure remote access via a VPN, thereby allowing a managed device remote access to the UK Public Services Network (PSN).

If PSN access is not required, a more cost effective solution is to embed tVolution onto a USB stick, thereby allowing the use of any unmanaged (or home) machine to boot into a secure environment for remote access to a corporate network. This form factor is known as Becrypt Trusted Client.

VDI client compatibility

tVolution can be centrally configured with required security settings and business applications including VDI Clients, VPN components and in-built security policies. tVolution offers a high level of compatibility supporting multiple third-party VDI clients, including Citrix, VMware, Quest, Microsoft Terminal Services and web-based applications. tVolution also includes an industry standard web browser, enabling web based access to virtual desktops and applications.

Security by design

Most VDI solutions enforce security at the data centre rather than at the network perimeter. tVolution addresses this vulnerability by ensuring that security policy is enforced at the end-point, preventing unauthorised user access and protection against data leakage with in-build port control. An option to fully encrypt the end-point enables secure deployment outside the network perimeter.

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