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Axure RP Professional [v8.x Commercial - Subscription Licence (1-Year) (1) User - Electronic Windows/Mac OSX] boxshot

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Axure RP Professional [v8.x Commercial - Subscription Licence (1-Year) (1) User - Electronic Windows/Mac OSX]

Published By: Axure

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Axure RP enables rapid creation of prototype websites and applications. Choose from a range of ready-to-use widgets, such as buttons and form fields and add notes and other annotations to create wireframe designs. Progress your design to the prototype stage by easily creating interactive screens without programming. Easily demonstrate linking, expanding and collapsing content and share your designs - all the viewer needs is a browser. Finally, produce detailed specifications automatically, complete with screenshots, annotations and interactions that can be further edited within Microsoft Word. Axure RP helps you bring your websites and applications to market quicker and is an essential tool for successful application design.


  • Create wireframes that visually show the layout of an application or website
  • Add annotations and notes to describe features, benefits and status
  • Choose from a range of ready to use widgets including buttons and form fields that can be dropped in to your wireframe or create your own custom widget libraries
  • Create master elements that can be reused multiple times but only need changing once - ideal for headers and footers

Flow diagrams

  • Create flow diagrams with a range of pre-built shapes and connections to visualise application flow


  • Create interactive demonstrations of your wireframe designs
  • Generate HTML - share your prototypes with anyone who has a browser, no special viewer required
  • Interactivity - add links, expanding and collapsing sections, inline editing and more


  • Automatically generate documentation in Microsoft Word based on your designs, annotations and notes
  • Choose from a variety of templates to reflect your company's branding standards


  • With a simple check in/check out system it is easier to collaborate on designs with your team
  • View a history of all changes made
  • No server-side software required


  • Developers can create their own applications using the API to access data stored within Axure files.

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