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Aspose.Email for Android [OEM - Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance (1-Year) (1) Site - Electronic]

Published By: Aspose Pty Ltd

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Aspose's Android components make it easy for developers to extend the functionality of Android applications.

Aspose.Email for Android empowers software developers to design Android applications for managing and manipulating email messages without getting lost in the complexities of Microsoft Outlook file format implementation. Its purpose is to manipulate Outlook email file formats from within applications and it has no dependencies other than Android Runtime.

Read Outlook PST File

Aspose.Email for Android enables developers to read/write an Outlook PST file. It provides access to all folders and sub-folders of a PST file for adding, reading and extracting messages. Messages, contacts and calendar items can be exported and saved to disc in various formats from a PST file.

Read, Create And Update Message Files

With Aspose.Email for Android, you can read a variety of message files including MSG, EML, EMLx, and MHT. You can then update these files as per your requirements and save back the updated messages. In addition, you can create new message from scratch, populate its fields such as recepients, sender, subject, and body, and save the file to disc.

Supported Email File Formats

Aspose.Email lets you open and write to a variety email formats, as well as PST folders. The following table summarizes this.

Manage Attachments

Aspose.Email for Android provides an API to read and extract attachments from message files in a very simpler manner. Not only user can extract attachments, but also create new attachments and add these to a message.

Read Outlook MAPI Properties

Aspose.Email for Android allows you to read the MAPI properties from a MSG file. It provides an API to either read all the MAPI properties or read a specific property using the MAPI property tag.

Platform Independence

Aspose.Email can be used on all the platforms where Android Runtime Environment is installed and hence removes the platform dependency.

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