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Arcserve Replication For Linux Server OS [r16.5 Academic/Government/Not For Profit - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance (Enterprise) (3-Years)   (1) Licence - Electronic] boxshot

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Arcserve Replication For Linux Server OS [r16.5 Academic/Government/Not For Profit - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance (Enterprise) (3-Years) (1) Licence - Electronic]

Published By: Arcserve (USA), LLC

£1,192.05 (Ex. VAT)

Our Part #: 863325 | Availability:  delivered via Email | Media: Electronic

New Features

CA ARCserve Replication software, formerly known as CA XOsoft Replication, eases migration between servers and locations, delivers continuous data protection to complement your existing backup and helps ensure that your data is always available. This solution helps you protect application data including Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, IIS, and Dynamics CRM, as well as Oracle and Blackberry Enterprise Server, deployed on physical and virtual servers. You can also protect other applications and file servers on Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms ¿ all from a single unified management console.

New in CA ARCserve Replication and High Availability r16.5

Introduces new support for Windows Server 2012:

  • New support for Hyper-V 3.0.
  • New Cascading High Availability where you can configure a failover scenario to more than one replica server.
  • Integration with CA ARCserve Central Host-based VM Backup enables replication of host-level backups (all VMs) to any remote site.
  • Better SQL Server protection with SQL Server Filestreams support where all BLOB data is automatically discovered and replicated.

Other non-Windows enhancements include:

  • Gain better Linux protection with Linux Global Mount to be able to support multiple file systems under the same directory and support overlapped root directories in replication and HA scenarios.
  • Enhanced Oracle system and data protection includes Multiple Instance Support that enables replication and HA scenarios for multiple Oracle systems installed on a single Windows Server using auto discovery for easy deployment.

New features in CA ARCserve Replication 16

Full system protection

In CA ARCserve Replication r16, CA have expanded the Full System protection feature to include all three virtualisation platforms (VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer). Now you can replicate an entire Windows system, application and data to an offline virtual server using any one of these platforms for disaster recovery purposes.

Windows 2008 failover clustering - shared storage clustering

Extension of the existing MSCS support for Windows 2003. It provides replication for the Microsoft Cluster Storage Resource Group and provides an additional layer of offsite protection for traditional Share Storage Clusters. Alternatively, replicate to a second offsite Cluster or standalone system or VM. Requires an ARCserve Replication Cluster license for each protected Storage Resource Group.

Windows 2008 failover clustering - multi-site clustering

CA ARCserve Replication acts as a 3rd party replication provider. It extends Microsoft Clusters from being a High Availability offering to also being an offsite Disaster Recovery solution. It's managed from the Microsoft Cluster Manager Console.

Amazon cloud (AWS/EC2) integration

Utilise Amazon cloud resources as targets for replication:

  • Eliminate the need for costly dedicated DR data centers and the associated hardware, software, real estate, power, cooling and management overhead
  • Replace CAPEX with OPEX
  • Eliminate need to purchase and maintain replica server H/W, APP and OS licenses at your site.

Secure Communication

Secure transfer between nodes:

  • Used SSL 128 bit encryption
  • Encrypts Data During Transfer
  • Available for any scenario type
  • Synchronisation and Replication
  • Supports LAN & WAN
  • Not restricted to cloud
  • Configurable per Scenario/ Replica.

LAN and WAN Data Replication for Windows, Linux and UNIX servers and applications provides continuous and periodic on-site and off-site data protection and eases migrating backup data to an off-site location or centralising remote office data for secure backup.

Storage Independence means data protection regardless of storage device ¿ including DAS, NAS and SAN.

Multiple Replication Levels offers continuous, scheduled and ad hoc replication to create a balance between resource utilisation and the required level of protection.

Unified Management Console provides a single Web-based console for management, monitoring and reporting of all levels of protection for all supported Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms, easing deployment and management to let you focus more on growing your business.

CA ARCserve Assured Recovery enables automated non-disruptive recovery testing for Windows environments at the application level to ensure system preparedness. Leverage replica servers for manual testing or reporting while maintaining real-time replication and continuous data protection.

Data Rewind provides continuous data protection (CDP) with near-instantaneous recovery of lost or damaged data and databases, complementing your periodic backups and snapshots.

Virtualised Server Support a critical component to any virtualised server environment, provides VMware VI and vSphere VM-level replication; Microsoft Hyper-V Hypervisor and guest-level replication; and Citrix XenServer certified guest-level replication.

Integration with CA ARCserve Backup enables combined data replication and backup ¿ managed together in a single console.

Offline Synchronisation provides an alternative to LAN and WAN synchronisation to more easily transfer large Windows-based data sets and databases to shorten time-to-protection without impacting network utilisation. Allows physical transportation of a data copy while replication is under way.

NTFS Sparse File Support allows replication of Windows-based compressed or deduplicated data without decompression, typically used to replicate deduplicated backup data over the WAN from remote offices to a central data center, or used to replicate deduplicated backup data between data centers for off-site protection.

Application-Aware Replication means auto-configuration for fast and easy deployment as well as transactional integrity for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, IIS, Dynamic CRM, Oracle and Blackberry. Supports Windows, Linux and UNIX file servers too ¿ all with a single management console. Replicate any application by writing a simple script. Replicate any application by writing a simple script.

CA Open License Program (OLP)

CA Open License Program (OLP) is an easy-to-use, cost-effective purchasing program. Designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, OLP helps you reduce the costs associated with evaluating, acquiring, implementing, deploying and maintaining CA software and services. From the initial order, you will benefit from your program discount for 2 years.


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GLP Benefits

No minimum purchase requirement, Simplified program with a single discount level, Easier administration with fewer SKUs, Streamlined deployment - single license key for multiple installations, No-hassle product registration - GLP purchases are automatically registered by CA, MLF Option Availability.

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