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Font Folio [v11.x Consumer - Perpetual Licence Upgrade From Font Folio 11 (5) Users - Boxed Windows/Mac OSX] boxshot

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Font Folio [v11.x Consumer - Perpetual Licence Upgrade From Font Folio 11 (5) Users - Boxed Windows/Mac OSX]

Published By: Adobe

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Adobe Font Folio 11 is a collection of more than 2,300 fonts from the Adobe Type Library in OpenType format, which provides enhanced linguistic support, advanced typographic features, and true cross-platform compatibility. Use Font Folio 11 to expand your design options in virtually any medium ¿ including print, web, video, and electronic documents.

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» Adobe Font Folio 11 Datasheet

Design with superior typefaces

  • Expand your design options with more than 2,300 high-quality OpenType fonts (including 170 new fonts) from world-renowned foundries, including Adobe, ITC, Linotype, and Monotype Imaging; cutting-edge firms such as LetterPerfect and MVB Fonts; and talented individual designers, such as Timothy Donaldson and Jill Bell.
  • Use award-winning Adobe Originals typefaces, including one-of-a-kind designs and classic revivals created by expert type designers at Adobe.
  • Use opticals packages that provide four or more separate designs, each optimized for a different range of point sizes, from small text for footnotes to large type for headlines.
  • Enjoy updates to the Adobe Type Library, including revisions to many fonts to make them more consistent in layout behavior.

Create for any medium

  • Print confidently, knowing that Adobe fonts offer reliable quality whether output to inkjet printers, laser printers, imagesetters, or platesetters.
  • Prepare classic or cutting-edge title effects for all your digital video and multimedia projects.
  • Create animated GIF images and other typographically rich elements for your web pages.
  • Complement your Adobe PDF workflow with Adobe typefaces, which can be embedded in Adobe PDF documents in their entirety or as compact subsets.

Enjoy OpenType flexibility

  • Simplify font management thanks to a single, cross-platform font file. The OpenType format displays and prints fonts seamlessly on the Mac and in Microsoft * Windows and can be used alongside existing font formats in all of your documents.
  • Revive fine typography with swashes, small caps, and old-style figures ¿ glyphs that are now all contained in one OpenType font file.
  • Publish multilingual documents using OpenType Pro fonts that support Central and Eastern European languages, as well as several that support Japanese, Korean, Greek, and Cyrillic.
  • Go global with support for Unicode, a platform-independent, international text encoding standard that supports virtually all languages.
  • Leverage the latest OpenType specification, including support for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). With Adobe Font Folio 11, Adobe continues its * longstanding commitment to developing the highest quality OpenType fonts.


  • Intel Pentium, Intel Centrino, Intel Xeon, or Intel Core Duo processor
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • 16MB of RAM (32MB recommended).

Note: Adobe Font Folio 11.1 also runs under Microsoft Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition, and Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 4 if you install Adobe Type Manager (ATM) Light 4.1. ATM Light is available as a free download from Adobe. If using a PostScript printer on Windows 98 or Windows ME, AdobePS printer driver 4.3 or later is recommended. If using a PostScript printer on Windows NT 4.0, AdobePS printer driver 5.1.2 or later is recommended.


  • PowerPC G4 or G5 or multicore Intel processor
  • Mac OS X
  • 16MB of RAM (32MB recommended).

Note: Font Folio 11.1 runs on Mac OS 8.6 through 9.2 with ATM Light 4.6.

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