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ABBYY PDF Transformer+ [Not For Profit - Maintenance (1-Year) (Terminal Server) (26-50) Per User - Electronic Windows]

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New Features
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ABBYY PDF Transformer+ is an easy-to-use, powerful application for converting PDF to Microsoft Office files and back again. The programme increases the efficiency of working with PDF files on a daily basis. It features an intuitive interface and collaboration tools combined with ABBYY’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and Adobe PDF Library technology to ensure easy work with any type of PDF and help you increase day-to-day business efficiency.

ABBYY PDF Transformer+ is a new and comprehensive solution for working intelligently with PDF documents. It covers the entire cycle of a document’s life: from creation, discussion, approval, and protection, to the conversion of PDF files into editable formats, merging of documents, and extraction of text and images.

Greater Productivity with New Tools

With PDF Transformer+ you can easily change the content of a PDF – no need to re-create it from scratch. Quickly and easily fix typos, copy text or an image from a PDF file, make comments, give approvals, and more. With PDF Transformer+ you can:

  • Edit PDF files. Change text within a line, add and delete text in a PDF document, remove or insert images
  • Manage pages of a PDF document. Create or insert a new page in a PDF, Delete and move pages within PDFs
  • Review and discuss PDF documents. Set the document preparation/discussion status (e.g., “Accepted,' “Rejected,' “Cancelled,' or “Completed') for more effective collaboration
  • Copy text or images from PDFs in order to paste them into other applications
  • Search for keywords across the entire PDF file. Quickly find information in PDF files of any type, search through the main text, comments and metadata.

Enhanced Capabilities for Creating PDFs

ABBYY PDF Transformer+ offers additional scanning settings that improve the quality of converted images, reduce the size of scanned documents and automatically create searchable PDF files.

Popular image formats, including: JPEG, JPEG2000, JBIG2, PNG, GIF, and TIFF, are also supported.

New Output Formats

ABBYY PDF Transformer+ makes it easy to create eBooks. You can convert PDFs into EPUB and FB2 formats, and read them on your iPad, tablet, or other portable device. The software can also convert PDF files into Apache OpenOffice Writer (ODT), accurately preserving the original layout and formatting. Now you can effortlessly work with documents in ODT format or save them to a digital archive.

New and Enhanced Security Features for Working with PDF Files

With PDF Transformer+ you can now easily redact or mark sensitive information (i.e., words, phrases, and numbers) throughout an entire PDF document. You can also add a digital signature when saving documents as PDFs to ensure the authenticity of important electronic documents and protect them from unauthorized changes.

Better User Experience with a New User Interface

ABBYY PDF Transformer+ combines a unified user interface with convenient navigation tools, enabling you to browse and work with everything from single-page files to complex, multi-page PDF documents.

Open & View

ABBYY PDF Transformer+ software combines intelligent technologies with an easy-to-use interface, providing you with convenient tools to open, browse through, and work with PDF documents of any type.

  • Work with any type of PDF - you can open and start working with any PDF document right away – there is no need to think of its type and source, or whether will it be compatible or not, thanks to the integrated Adobe PDF Library technology.
  • Enjoy intuitive navigation - conveniently browse the PDF content using intuitive navigation tools. You can quickly jump from page to page, zoom in or out, or just use the 'fit to width' option.

Review & Comment

Share and share alike! ABBYY PDF Transformer’s compatibility with any PDF type means that whatever you share or receive will be easy to review, comment on, or annotate. Convenient tools for reviewing PDFs enable easy addition of comments and notes, highlighting of text and assignment of discussion status.

  • Comment and annotate - collaborate with colleagues when creating or reviewing PDF documents: Use the convenient commenting and annotation tools, such as sticky notes, strikethrough, underline, add text, highlight to mark up text, or give feedback. A separate comments section gives a clear overview of the comments and annotations within the document, where you can search and sort by author, date, or status.
  • Assign document approval status - make the discussion and approval of a PDF document more effective and transparent by assigning statuses such as «Accepted», «Rejected», «Canceled», or «Completed» to comments. You can even mark your PDF document with «Approved», or «Under consideration», or another custom stamp to adjust to your internal approval processes.
  • Save time with a powerful search - Quickly search for a keyword or phrase within text, comments, and metadata. Use «Search and Highlight» to find all instances of a word within a document and automatically highlight them.

Edit & Modify

Need to fix a typo, insert, or delete words directly within a PDF file? There is no need to look for the source file to make the changes anymore. With ABBYY PDF Transformer+ software you can edit and modify your PDFs in no time.

  • Fix typos and make small text edits - Intuitive editing tools allow you to make minor changes or replace text within any PDF document – including scanned PDFs.
  • Insert and remove text or images - Insert text and images exactly where you need them. Adjust the text font and background color of text boxes to match the original document styles. Quickly remove text or images from PDF documents via Edit Mode with the right-click menu or by using the 'Eraser' tool.
  • Juggle with pages - Arrange pages in your PDF documents the way you need them to be: Add, delete, replace, flip left and right orientation, or create a blank page to add background information.
  • Work with simple or scanned PDF forms - Use the Text Box option to fill out simple PDF forms and questionnaires. After completing a form, you can save it to your hard drive for further use, print it or send it by email. You can even convert it to Word or Excel.

Create & Merge

Easily create PDF documents or scan paper documents to searchable PDFs. The files you create can be viewed with any PDF reading tool and will look exactly as you mean them to on every device. In addition, with ABBYY PDF Transformer+ you can create ISO-standard PDFs for searchable document archives using MRC compression to reduce the file size.

  • Scan to searchable PDF - Scan your paper document and create PDF files that is easily reusable or accessible via search, thanks to ABBYY OCR technology and its ability to accurately retrieve text from images.
  • Create PDF - Create PDFs from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Apache OpenOffice, or any application with print function in order to share with others and protect it with a password to set access rights. Save time by creating multiple PDF files simultaneously.
  • Create one PDF file from multiple files - Quickly merge documents of different file formats into one single PDF file. You can rearrange the pages of the newly created PDF document, and remove or add new pages.

Extract & Convert

Save time and effort in everyday work with the ability to extract text and information “sealed' inside a PDF file or a paper document quickly — there is no need to retype your documents anymore. To reuse a document’s content, you can simply copy and extract text, tables or images from it, or convert the entire PDF-document into editable electronic formats, such as to Microsoft Office and Apache OpenOffice Writer, with a single click.

  • Convert to editable formats - easily convert PDF documents, including scanned PDFs, into editable formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel and OpenOffice Writer, preserving the original layout and formatting. PDF Transformer+ software is based on ABBYY’s award-winning OCR technology which provides up to 99.8% text recognition and PDF conversion accuracy.
  • Extract and quote text - copy and paste text from a PDF file to any application without losing the original formatting. ABBYY PDF Transformer+ allows you to convert paper documents into electronic text effortlessly – just scan them straight to PDF, no additional steps required.
  • Benefit from comprehensive language support - with ABBYY OCR technology and exceptional language support, you can efficiently convert and reuse documents in 189 languages in any combination.

Protect & Share

Getting the most from your investment in content means being able to share it efficiently – and safely. ABBYY PDF Transformer+ software helps you do both by optimising the size of PDF documents and providing options that prevent unauthorised viewing, copying or printing.

  • Optimise your file’s size - Easily reduce the size of PDFs to send them via email, post them online, or to save them in searchable digital archives more efficiently. ABBYY’s advanced compression technology enables you to shrink the size of files while maintaining their quality.
  • Protect documents from unauthorised use - Protect your PDFs with 128 or 256 bit AES- encryption passwords to control access to their content. Software also allows to set usage limitations or completely block unauthorized changes, including printing and text editing.
  • Redact sensitive information - Completely 'black-out' and remove sensitive information, such as personal data, bank account numbers, etc. from the text or metadata before sending or publishing it online. By using the «Search and Redact» option, you can automatically remove confidential information from an entire document in one go.
  • Digitally sign your PDF documents - Sign electronic documents with a digital signature to ensure the authenticity and integrity of its content.

ABBYY PDF Transformer+ requires the following:

  • Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
  • Windows Server 2012/2008/2008 R2/2003
  • 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • 700 MB of hard disk space for typical program installation and 700 MB free space for optimal program operation
  • Video card with 1024x768 resolution or higher
  • Microsoft Office 2007 and higher for integrated features
  • To work with localized interfaces, the corresponding language support is required
  • TWAIN- or WIA-compatible scanner, when using in scanning mode
  • Internet connection for software activation.

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